Fargo ergo sum.

Falor ergo sum. Is this filler text like “Lorem ipsum” or sage philosophical advice from St. Augustine. You probably guessed the latter. Falor ergo translates to “I err therefore I am.” Now this came centuries before Descartes said “Je pense donc je suis” or “I think therefore I am.” Who is right? Or are the both right?

I would argue that St. Augustine’s statement holds the most truth in my day to day life. However, people don’t want to ever admit that they are wrong. Sure we all acknowledge that “humans make mistakes” and “nobody’s perfect,” but can you come up with a single instance in your present life where you know you are wrong. I am not talking about some past realization of your fallibility, but rather how are you wrong right now.

I can’t think of one way that I am wrong at this moment. Not one single way. Tomorrow I might be able to say, well it was a mistake for me to fall asleep early rather than catching up on Glee because everyone is talking about it right now. Or I might acknowledge that the thesis I defended on my literature paper was ignorant and biased after turning it in and reflecting more on the topic. Nevertheless, right now, at this very moment, I couldn’t tell you the ways by which I am currently making mistakes.

This is a somewhat scary thought considering how many people have the utmost confidence in their beliefs, knowledge, and perspective. I think the best way to move forward is to teach people from a young age that “being wrong” isn’t stupid. Being wrong can lead to revelations. Better yet, being OPEN to being wrong can make you so much more receptive to the ideas and experiences of others. Hopefully by acknowledging this in my own personal life, I can become receptive to the perspectives of friends, teachers, and family regardless of age, gender, and racial differences.


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