Music Playlists Continued

A while ago I admitted to having a “sleep” playlist that contained my go to music when I needed to unwind to the depressing lyrics of Damien Rice or the Fray.  However, recently I have begun renaming all of my playlists.  Instead of making playlists labeled “chill” or “pop” or “favorites,” I have begun to name my playlists after my friends.

My “chill” playlists is now named Mia because I know she would love all the artists that are on that album.  My playlists of upbeat songs reminiscent of this summer are called Christina and Sammy because those are my close friends I worked with at a summer camp this summer.  My classical music is named Sarah because my friend Sarah is a ballet dancer and the music reminds me of her.

Now instead of trying to name a playlist according a genre or a single adjective or phrase, I have an entire personality I can mold a playlist around.  I still have a lot more work to do though!


On the left hand side are the names of some of my playlists


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  1. Good afternoon! Dropped in to let you know your poem is featured today in Poetic License. Thank you again for allowing me to share it!

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