Weather by Swackett

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It started as a simple weather application.  My brother showed me this app where it told you the weather conditions for the next few days and actually instructed you on what was appropriate to wear according to the weather.  There are specific editions you can purchase; however, the one I downloaded was the free basic version.  I was pleasantly surprise so find that almost every other day, there is a new “style” that places off of historical people, periods of American history, or pop culture.

It isn’t very helpful to log on and find the Thomas Edison or girls in poodle skirts if you are truly interested in what should be worn outside that day.  However, if you can’t make those decisions for yourself solely based on temperature and the forecast, then you have all kinds of other problems.  I have collected screen shots from the last 2 weeks to share.  Enjoy! I certainly did.


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  1. Lot’s of fun –I smiled. I wonder what the job’s like for the person who creates these? That sounds like fun, too!

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