My Dysfunctional Friends

Last night we had the biggest social event of the year.  Dubbed “Winter Rage,” we all trek down to a club we rent out a club in DC to throw our own bash without the supervision of our school.  For the last two years it has been a successful event thanks to the meticulous planning of the senior class.

This morning I found a message in my inbox elaborating on the items left at the after party house.  I thought they were amusing enough to share.  (I mostly enjoyed the pizza crust in the fish tank line).  My friends are dysfunctional.  Here goes:

Lost & found!

Black heels with black and sequin bows

A pair of short brown uggs size 7

A pair of animal/flower print heels

More pizza crust in the fish tank…smh

Black and silver big bead bracelet

A bracelet that’s like a bunch of bracelets in one


Contact solution

A blue tie with pink and green stripes

A red tie with a design

A pink dress shirt

A blue adidas shirt

A pair of small diamond stud earrings

Two iPods

Three unidentified phones


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One response to “My Dysfunctional Friends

  1. I wonder what the fish thought of the pizza…?

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