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As I prepare to leave my home for college, one of my hardest transitions will be learning to share a very small space with another person.  I have many siblings and I have spent long periods of time sharing living spaces with other people, so I do, in fact, know how to “get along” with other people.  However, at home, I have a well-defined personal living space where I can completely control the decorating.  I am not sure how I will be able to retain my sense of style while sharing a room with another person next year.

The pictures I have attached to this post are ones that I have bookmarked over the past few weeks.  They make up an unattainable ideal for which I will strive.  My goal is to create a room that doesn’t feel like a white cinderblock prison.  Obviously I do not have unlimited resources or space, but hopefully I will be able to incorporate some aspects of these pictures into my own future dorm room.


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