True Life, Post Secret

Post Secret: Loneliness


This seems rather self-explanatory, but I will elaborate so that this space does not become a replica of my tumblr.  My philosophy on relationships and people is completely paradoxical.  When I am with my friends, I earnestly pray to be left alone for some peace and quiet.  However, after enjoying some personal time, I grow lonely thinking about the time I could be spending with friends (consequently conjuring up guilty sentiments).  It is a lose-lose situation.  Or a win-win, if you acknowledge the fact that either extreme will bring you some form of happiness.

This PostSecret also reminds me of many trips I have taken.  When I have spent extended periods of time away from home, I always look forward to simply sitting in my own bed with my computer on my lap listening to old rock music.  However, before I left, I counted down the days and repacked my suitcase half a dozen times to ensure I had everything.


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  1. I’ve often had the feeling that the caption of this picture expresses, too. Especially when I was younger. I can feel very lonely in a room full of people. I’ve figured out that it’s because I don’t often feel like they understand me. Even if I like them, if they don’t “get” me I’d rather spend a little less time with them and then go off by myself. I wonder how it would feel to spend time with people who really see me as I am, and like me exactly that way?

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