Virtual Anonymity

Sitting at the library with my peacoat and Ray Bans... classy and anonymous. I love this Andy Warhol effect.

So I wanted to take a moment to describe the unique nature of my blog.  I am 17 years old.  That being said, most of my peers pass the time by blowing off school work, getting high and/or drunk with friends, and frequenting “ragers” on the weekends.  Let me assure you that I am a socially adept (not inept) person.  So I am in attendance at these events, though I choose not to partake.

I do, in fact, have a whole slew of intelligent and socially adept friends, but I don’t know of any who care to read literature, poetry, song lyrics, and, quite as much as I do.  In order to cultivate this interest, I have journaled in moleskins (and been called a “poser hipster”) and posted them on Facebook walls (and been called a “spammer.”)  I desperately needed a new outlet.  Hence, the blog.  I don’t know exactly what age range my audience is, but I enjoy the assurance that all these people do not know me.

I will admit that two of my close friends (who both live states/countries away) have the URL to this website.  I did that so that I would be slightly motivated to continue to post.  However, no one in my family has seen this blog and none of my friends at school or in my city have seen this blog.  I don’t even have my full name attached to the blog.  There are certainly safety reasons because I would rather not end up being stalked by an old man, but  I also do it so I have the liberty to post whatever I wish (within reason and always with appropriate content),

The unique aspect is that a lot of people write for a specific audience.  They may be targeting college students, adults with children, older generations etc.  A lot of other people start blogs simply to keep in touch with family.  I have a different motivation.  I want to have a successful blog that has NO audience and NO objective.  This is MY territory.  I welcome readers and comments enthusiastically, but I do not plan on writing for the sole purpose of garnering “views” and “comments”.

So there you have it.  The journal of Colleen Elizabeth [insert last name here].  My haven of relative anonymity on the world wide web.  Welcome!



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3 responses to “Virtual Anonymity

  1. Hello Colleen Elizabeth!

    I, for one, think I understand what you’ve said here, and appreciate your honesty and directness. I very much hope that I haven’t said anything in these comments that has offended you. I sometimes forget that not everyone needs the kind of support that I never had as a younger person, interested in the arts. (It’s the same problem that parents often have with their children — wanting to give them the things they never had yet wanted, or needed.) Not everyone wants or needs the same things. I know I need to remember that. I wish you the best of luck with this and future endeavors!


    • Oh no I have loved hearing your comments and critiques! I was just sharing with the world my philosophy of self-motivation. This is a outlet for practicing and sharing just for the joy of it! I would appreciate future commentary if you feel inclined. I just thought you might enjoy the post! Thanks.

      • I did enjoy learning more about you and your philosophy… thank you for letting me know I wasn’t out of bounds! I’ll enjoy coming back often and reading more from you! Take care.

        PS: I really like this picture! And, in regard to your other post about changing your blog’s look a bit, I’ve been trying to figure out a subtle background for my own blog. I thought about the starkness of the difference between the light and the dark one WordPress supplies, and I too, found that I preferred the light one, but ….. I don’t know. It’s a bit like decorating a room, isn’t it?

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