Paralyzed yet Dancing

I have spent the last month thinking in terms of blog posts.  Whenever I encounter something interesting, humorous, or worth-sharing, I try to take a crude picture with my phone cam and store the idea to make a future blog post.  They always seem like great ideas and I am sure I will share some soon, but I feel rather uninspired right now.  So it has been a little shy of two weeks since I have last posted.

Maybe there is some poetry out there that would fit the bill for this occasion.

Paralyzed Yet Dancing by Colleen Elizabeth

Attached to every finger, each toe

The crooks of my elbows, the bends in my knees

Are tiny weights.

Alone, they are surmountable,

But together they are burdensome.

Paralyzed, I lay in bed,

While my imagination dances.

But each new thought and every

New idea, leaves as quickly as it came.

My mind weighted, the thoughts rush

But I can’t keep up, can’t think any through.

And so I wait, for relief from this weight.

And lay,

Paralyzed yet dancing.



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4 responses to “Paralyzed yet Dancing

  1. I have felt this way so many times in my life! This poem expresses that feeling so well. Lately I’ve been wanting to start writing a new story, but imposing the ridiculous rule on myself of having to finish a difficult outstanding story first! The one featured on my last appearance (my second) on the Friday Open Mic at Satsumabug’s art blog, “West on 80, 1993,” is the one giving me trouble. Anyway, just today I decided to start a (weekly?) serial on my blog. I want to keep each installment to about 500 words or so (so they’re not unwieldly for the reader) and I’ve written the first one in my head. I do need to figure out where I can take it, so I don’t paint myself into a corner, so to speak.

    Maybe a little gimmick — especially for this medium — to link some of your photos is all that you need to get a little momentum. A device doesn’t have to be cheesy. If you’re an artist and care about your work, it’s more like being your own writing teacher, and coming up with an assignment that intrigues you so you can write more often. Knowing how hard it can be for myself, I just wanted to offer a little suggestion for your consideration, one writer to another. Take care!

  2. Thank you again for your kind words and advice. I have read some of posts and realized I have a lot to learn still.

    • I still have a lot to learn, too! Remember, don’t let anyone else’s art daunt you. If I’ve learned anything from my writing mistakes this past year, it’s that every stage of learning is important and valid, and as long as you appreciate and recognize the beauty in the classics (which I can tell you do from reading your blog) you’ll do just fine as you make your way.

  3. I really like this poem. Thanks for the share.
    I think it applies to each person, at some point, some phase in life.

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