Ancient Chinese curse

I was looking around for some art inspiration and I ran into some love notes made by Susan Branch.  On one of the cards it stated “May your every wish be granted.”  And then beneath it it said “Ancient Chinese curse.”

So often we tell other people that we hope all their dreams will come true.  In reality, if that would be the most terrible thing to occur in life.  Could you imagine what your life would be like if you succeeded at everything you did?  Or if you got everything you ever prayed for late at night?  It might be great for a week or so, but just as you could no longer have bad days, you also would lose the ability to have good days.  Well, in a sense, every day would be a “good day” but they would be like every other day of your life.  You would quickly lose that ability to appreciate what you have in life.

I will think twice before I say to anyone that I hope all their dreams will come true.  I definitely want some of their dreams to come true, but so much of life is about failing and learning from your mistakes.  You might also lose many friends by always being successful.  People get aggravated, jealous, and frustrated with people who are perfect.  No one can relate to you any longer if you have no obstacles in life.  You would also lose the ability to empathize with anyone who is struggling.

The Chinese had it right.  “May your every wish be granted” is truly a curse.


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