The “Sleep” Playlist

How many people will admit to having a sleep playlist?  A lot of people would probably say they do.  Now how many people will admit that they never listen to this list of songs when they are falling asleep; rather the list is a cover for a playlist that should be named “Depressing and Slow Songs.”  Not to bash anyone who legitimately sleeps to slow music; however, I will fully admit that my “Sleep” playlist is a cover for all my depressing songs without sounding emo.

I am not a highly emotional person, but everyone has a bad day.  Sometimes all I need is a few moments to myself and often times I might be in tears in those moments.  So what are my typical “emo” songs?  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it definitely includes a lot of my favorites.  I am sure a lot of people can relate to this post.

The Fray- Never Say Never

The Fray- How to Save a Life

Gary Jules- Mad World

Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah

Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends

Popular Peninsula- I Would Not be Me (camp song)

Coldplay- Yellow

Coldplay- Fix You

Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars

Damien Rice- Cannonball

Damien Rice- 9 Crimes

Basically anything by Damien Rice

Chase Coy- All Those Nights

Taylor Swift- Tied Together With a Smile


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