College Interviews

I am in the middle of my college application process and some schools out there that require college interviews.  On each schools website they say “we only interview if there is an alumni in your area.”  Unfortunately, because I live in the capital of this country, I get interviews for every single school.  I know it is advantageous to have a face-to-face conversation with someone who is going to vouch for you with a school, but I have had 8 interviews at this point.

I have trekked to so many different places around town trying to meet up with different people.  For four of them, they have been rescheduled hours before they were supposed to take place.  I just find it super inconvenient considering I have 3 just this week!  It is also difficult managing school work, interviews, family, making it to dinner on time, and socializing all at the same time.  Sometimes I wonder if colleges forget that we have lives besides college applications!





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2 responses to “College Interviews

  1. No, they don’t. College assumes that it is the important and only thing in existence and, while at college, you probably believe that a bit too. It isn’t until after college that you realize that there are smarter people who never once went to school and a whole universe outside of higher education.

    Needless to say, I was disenfranchised with much of my college experience. That said, I wouldn’t have changed it.

  2. I finished my last one today! I had to metro all the way down to Chinatown which can be a trek. Though, I guess I should be grateful for the opportunity to be applying to college and having the interviews be my biggest obstacle.

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