Art Class Surprise

So yesterday I began a new session of art classes in the evenings. We meet once a week with an instructor and it is super convenient to take part in after school. The title of the course is “Figure and Portrait Drawing” so naturally I thought of the face. I decided this would be the perfect way to improve on my portrait skills. When I walked in, I discovered that there was a live model. She was all wrapped up in sweat pants and I thought to myself, boy this is going to be difficult to draw all of the pleats and folds of her clothing. This seemed reasonable at the time because my last experience with a live model was a man in a business suit contemplating some big idea with a pile of books.

Little did I know, that the model was about to whip off her clothes. I had NO idea that I had signed up to draw a nude model! I am not saying that I too immature and therefore unable to compose myself properly and appreciate the experience, that I certainly did. However, it was such a shock simply because I first looked over, she was in sweats… and then I looked over again and the woman was buck naked. Moreover, I was in a class of twelve or so people (pretty intimate) and I was by far the youngest at seventeen years old. The rest of the students were 50 and over with the exception of two or three young professionals.

So now I draw naked people on Tuesday evenings. Much fun.


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