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I am making this post in order to hold myself accountable for two things that I would really like to do.  First of all, I have attended my school since I was 5 years old.  I started in kindergarten and now I am in 12th grade.  One thing I regret is that I have forgotten some of the ways that the school has changed in my 13 year tenure as a student.  I still remember the old playground, using the chapel as a Lower Schooler, the “square-necked” jumpers that they used to wear.  I remember the “big girls” who came and helped us on Wednesday afternoon, the old nurses office (though very vaguely), and the days where Sister Jenkins would play guitar for us.  I have loved my 13 year stay, but my time is almost done and there are many things that I have forgotten in the muddled memories of childhood.  As a last hurrah, to capture these fleeting moments I have left, I would like to take some pictures.  Nothing fancy though.

All I want are a few disposable cameras.  Imagine the cameras that sit on the tables at weddings… that is what I am going for.  I want something to catch the spontaneous and the fleeting.  I want to remember the shadows in that hallway where I am studying 3 minutes before the 3:10 bell rings.  I want to remember what the computers looked like in the library because, no doubt, they will be outdate in just a few years.  I also want to laugh at how no one sits in the lunch room and instead we spend our 35 minutes of lunch eating together on the floor.  And finally, I want to have these pictures so that maybe when I am old and decrepit, a new generation of students from my school will be interested in those pictures I have taken.  My connection, then, will always remain.

Secondly, for school we have a poetry project that we create as seniors.  One of the requirements is that we make it “public” in any manner we sit fit.  Whether this be posting poems in the bathroom stalls for people to glance at while they do their business or write the poems (rather unhygienically) on napkins in the lunchroom or local coffeeshop, no matter.  There is no limit.  I would like to take inspiration from Andrea Dorfman and make a short film with watercolor and not much else.  It will, no doubt, be a considerable amount of effort, but I want to create something beautiful and moving.


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