Sleep Cam

Fell asleep studying economics

Maybe I am wrong, but I think it is rather unfortunate to have an exam on a weekend.  Tomorrow, Saturday, at 9 AM I have my microeconomics final for two hours.  Not only is it upsetting to have an exam on a weekend, but it is also a long weekend (Martin Luther King Day on Mon.) so I have to sacrifice any chance of traveling to do something more fun.

Today while trying to study at school I fell asleep on top of my books.  I would say this was around 11 AM and despite getting roughly 7 hours the night before, economics clearly put me to sleep.  It probably doesn’t help that I had my “chill” playlist playing on my iPod.  Anyways, one of my friends found me on the floor and added this picture to the “Sleep Cam” album on Facebook.  We started this album to capture those hilarious moments when we find our classmates zonked out in various places around our school.  I already have 2 pictures out of the total of 32.  In this one, I am probably having a nightmare about the exam that will take place tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck!


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