Interrupting Songs

Do you ever have difficulty turning off your music when you turn off the car?  Embarrassingly enough, I feel like I have some sort of “loyalty” to the artist playing and that I must finish wait for the entire song to complete before I turn off the audio of my car.  Otherwise I don’t think I am appreciating the music to its full extent.

This evening I pulled into my garage with Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars playing.  Not only did I have to wait for that song to finish (and sing along to every word), but I also had to wait for Firework by Katy Perry to finish because one rolled right into the other and I love both songs.  Some people might think it is a waste of time, but that extra 4 minutes to appreciate the full extent of a song is a nice boost for my day (or night).  Anyways, if I turned if off in the middle of the song, it will stick in my head for hours and incessantly play over and over again and that just gets aggravating.




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One response to “Interrupting Songs

  1. Oh my! I feel the EXACT same way! haha

    The worst part is, I don’t have a car at the moment so I’m usually riding with a friend–who has no patience to wait for the songs!!! I’ts so frustrating!


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