My Beautiful Library

I dream of having a gorgeous library all to myself someday.  However, I will need to work very hard and make enough money before I can do so.  Next year, I will have the University of Pennsylvania library to satisfy me.  It is listed on “US’s Top Libraries” list which I stumbled upon.

Below is a picture of the library where I will be studying next year!


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Fargo ergo sum.

Falor ergo sum. Is this filler text like “Lorem ipsum” or sage philosophical advice from St. Augustine. You probably guessed the latter. Falor ergo translates to “I err therefore I am.” Now this came centuries before Descartes said “Je pense donc je suis” or “I think therefore I am.” Who is right? Or are the both right?

I would argue that St. Augustine’s statement holds the most truth in my day to day life. However, people don’t want to ever admit that they are wrong. Sure we all acknowledge that “humans make mistakes” and “nobody’s perfect,” but can you come up with a single instance in your present life where you know you are wrong. I am not talking about some past realization of your fallibility, but rather how are you wrong right now.

I can’t think of one way that I am wrong at this moment. Not one single way. Tomorrow I might be able to say, well it was a mistake for me to fall asleep early rather than catching up on Glee because everyone is talking about it right now. Or I might acknowledge that the thesis I defended on my literature paper was ignorant and biased after turning it in and reflecting more on the topic. Nevertheless, right now, at this very moment, I couldn’t tell you the ways by which I am currently making mistakes.

This is a somewhat scary thought considering how many people have the utmost confidence in their beliefs, knowledge, and perspective. I think the best way to move forward is to teach people from a young age that “being wrong” isn’t stupid. Being wrong can lead to revelations. Better yet, being OPEN to being wrong can make you so much more receptive to the ideas and experiences of others. Hopefully by acknowledging this in my own personal life, I can become receptive to the perspectives of friends, teachers, and family regardless of age, gender, and racial differences.

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Rah Rah Rah Penn


University of Pennsylvania Quakers


So I have been very busy stressing the last few weeks over college admissions decisions.  And the results are in… next year I will be attending University of Pennsylvania!  I am so thrilled because all the work I have put into high school has finally culminated in this one success.

Now the one annoyance I have now regarding colleges is the name.  Whenever people ask where I am going to school (a question that everyone learns to hate their senior year) I say Penn.  And then the next remark is “Penn State?” And I don’t mean to be pretentious in saying this but I have worked by butt off trying to get into an Ivy League and so I sigh internally and try to explain.  A lot of people do understand but I supposed it will be forever affiliated with a state school.  I wonder of Wash U students get the same thing.  Or perhaps NYU?

Regardless I am going to a fabulous school and ultimately am very content.  Now begins the quest for roommates, housing, courses, etc.  There is so much information that they throw at you.  It is overwhelming! Any advice before I embark on the next four years of my life?

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Music Playlists Continued

A while ago I admitted to having a “sleep” playlist that contained my go to music when I needed to unwind to the depressing lyrics of Damien Rice or the Fray.  However, recently I have begun renaming all of my playlists.  Instead of making playlists labeled “chill” or “pop” or “favorites,” I have begun to name my playlists after my friends.

My “chill” playlists is now named Mia because I know she would love all the artists that are on that album.  My playlists of upbeat songs reminiscent of this summer are called Christina and Sammy because those are my close friends I worked with at a summer camp this summer.  My classical music is named Sarah because my friend Sarah is a ballet dancer and the music reminds me of her.

Now instead of trying to name a playlist according a genre or a single adjective or phrase, I have an entire personality I can mold a playlist around.  I still have a lot more work to do though!


On the left hand side are the names of some of my playlists

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Aimé Césaire

Illustrated Poetry of Aimé Césaire: A Stop-Motion Production

I have to do a poetry presentation on the poet Cesaire so I decided to share it with the world with an illustrated video of his poetry.  I was inspired by the videos of Andrea Dorfman and thought I would take a stab at it.  It took about 14 tries and several hours of one of my snow days last January.

I am crossing my fingers that the link does not get taken down because of copyright infringement on the music, but only time will tell.  I can always substitute the music for something more generic.

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Weather by Swackett

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It started as a simple weather application.  My brother showed me this app where it told you the weather conditions for the next few days and actually instructed you on what was appropriate to wear according to the weather.  There are specific editions you can purchase; however, the one I downloaded was the free basic version.  I was pleasantly surprise so find that almost every other day, there is a new “style” that places off of historical people, periods of American history, or pop culture.

It isn’t very helpful to log on and find the Thomas Edison or girls in poodle skirts if you are truly interested in what should be worn outside that day.  However, if you can’t make those decisions for yourself solely based on temperature and the forecast, then you have all kinds of other problems.  I have collected screen shots from the last 2 weeks to share.  Enjoy! I certainly did.

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My Dysfunctional Friends

Last night we had the biggest social event of the year.  Dubbed “Winter Rage,” we all trek down to a club we rent out a club in DC to throw our own bash without the supervision of our school.  For the last two years it has been a successful event thanks to the meticulous planning of the senior class.

This morning I found a message in my inbox elaborating on the items left at the after party house.  I thought they were amusing enough to share.  (I mostly enjoyed the pizza crust in the fish tank line).  My friends are dysfunctional.  Here goes:

Lost & found!

Black heels with black and sequin bows

A pair of short brown uggs size 7

A pair of animal/flower print heels

More pizza crust in the fish tank…smh

Black and silver big bead bracelet

A bracelet that’s like a bunch of bracelets in one


Contact solution

A blue tie with pink and green stripes

A red tie with a design

A pink dress shirt

A blue adidas shirt

A pair of small diamond stud earrings

Two iPods

Three unidentified phones

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